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We won’t sell you anything.

Welcome to Vintage Financial, a fee-only, independent wealth management firm. For over three decades, we have taken a proactive role in providing sound financial planning and investment management for individuals throughout the U.S.

In short, we’re advisors, not salespeople. And our success depends solely on the success and growth of our clients’ portfolios. Take a look around our site or, better yet, give us a call and let us show you the difference an active and truly unbiased team of advisors can make for your financial future.

Let's Face It...

Your financial life is complicated.  You may have a 401(k), 401(a), IRAs and other scattered investment accounts.  There's 529s, 457s, Roths and MyRAs.  It's hard to figure out what most of these are and, by the time you do, the tax laws change and you need to review them all again.  

And the investment markets are constantly changing.  What seemed to be the best option last quarter may not be working so well this quarter.  And then there's dealing with the big financial firms.

What you really need is somebody, or better yet a team of experts, that work just for you, not Wall Street or some insurance company.  People that can improve your finances and proactively guide you toward your goals.

That's what we do at Vintage. 

What’s New

Frank Chairs NAPFA

Frank Moore, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Vintage, took on the role of Chairman of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) in September.  Frank will chair the national board of directors for a one year term.

NAPFA is the largest association of Fee Only financial planners in the country.  The media frequently suggests that consumers look to NAPFA Registered Financial Advisors for expert financial planning advice from advisors who are not conflicted by commission incentives.

For more on NAPFA, see

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