Why Vintage?

Our job is to optimize our client’s finances to help them be financially secure.

True Fiduciaries

Some advisors claim to be fiduciaries but still can earn varying commission amounts for investing your funds into different products that they sell. At Vintage, you are the only one that pays us, so we don’t have the conflicts of interest that are so prevalent in the investment industry. Our fee is straightforward, easy to understand and transparent, and we earn more if you earn more. It’s a win-win arrangement and lets us focus on what’s best for you.

Largest Team of Fee Only CFP®s in the County

At Vintage, all of our Senior Financial Advisors have voluntarily invested in their own careers by achieving the CFP® designation (or are CPAs), a credential that takes a couple of years to achieve. Only about 25% of “financial planners” have earned the CFP® credential. Also, only a small minority of wealth management firms have experienced CPAs on staff and are able to prepare your income taxes.

And, you’ll find that most of our advisors have either a Bachelor’s degree or Masters (or both) in Financial Planning or Accounting. This level of credentials and education sets us well apart from most other firms and has led us to be recognized repeatedly by several national publications.

Proactive Professionals

Our purpose is to improve our client’s financial well-being. We do that by monitoring the investment markets to find great opportunities and studying the ever-changing tax laws and using them to our client’s benefit. It means being proactive and applying the appropriate moves to our client’s portfolios in a timely basis.

Our tax planning is a good example of this proactive approach. By offering tax preparation services, we know the details of our client’s tax situation, which are often complex due to the crazy tax laws. We can see the impact of investment moves on our client’s taxes and look for many other opportunities to minimize capital gain taxes, IRMAA Medicare surcharges, AMT, net investment tax, as well as the regular state and federal income taxes.

Most firms suggest that you “consult your tax advisor” before following their advice because they don’t have the expertise or fully understand your tax situation. We’ve got the expertise in house and use it regularly to benefit our clients. In short, we’re pros. Better yet, we’re proactive pros — we’ll take care of things you may never even think about.

Community Focused

 We have and continue to give back to our community by supporting many local organizations as volunteers, serving on boards, and with significant financial contributions. Learn more at our Community Support page.