#1: Navigating uncertain markets

     The investment markets have generally trended upward the last few years, but the magnitude of the recent performance is unlikely to continue. Stock prices are high; bond yields are low, and we’re seeing signs of speculation in parts of the investment market. An investment strategy executed by a pragmatic, experienced professional that is grounded in reality will provide significant value in the coming years.

     Consider the years after 2000 or how many people just recently recovered from the financial crisis. A professional investment advisor is there to work for you to help mitigate the risks of uninformed investing. Diversification, rebalancing and taking a long term approach to investing will be keys to successfully navigating the markets. Above average returns will be hard to come by and some parts of the market appear ripe for a correction.

#2: Changing tax laws and tax planning

    Income tax rates have been historically low of late, but that is unlikely to continue. The tax code has been substantially changed and adjusted over the last few years, and it appears that there will be more changes to come. Some people will benefit from these changes while others will pay more in tax. We all must operate within the confines of tax law, but a proactive, knowledgeable professional will help ensure that you’re not paying more than you should and that you’re reaping the available benefits. This applies to not just tax preparation but tax planning into the future.

     With the tax laws expected to change in the coming years, having a tax expert who understands the changes and how it affects you is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure your tax liability is kept in line with expectations. How you position your tax return this year, next year and in subsequent years will have a huge impact on the flexibility you have when tax planning 10, 20 or more years in the future.

#3: Peace of mind

     Worry about money is a top cause of stress in life and within relationships. Having a professional on your side that you can trust and who works full time to understand the current state of your finances and how they interface with the realities of the present circumstances in the world has huge value.

     The markets, government and world affairs can be hard to wrap your head around. As a result, most people neglect taking action on their finances, which can sometimes be beneficial (not selling stocks when they go down) but, over time, can lead to many lost opportunities. Outsourcing this complexity is the smart choice and it’s a decision that many of our clients count as one of the best they’ve ever made.

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