Straightforward Advice, Straight From Frank

Vintage Financial was founded on the core principle of always doing what is best for our clients. That’s a luxury afforded to us by virtue of being an independent and non-commission firm.

Get a sample of Vintage’s straight answers and straightforward advice approach by viewing our special “Frank Advice” articles written by our nationally recognized Chief Investment Officer and founder, Frank Moore, MS, CFP®.

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  • Frank Advice on 401(k) Rollovers

    DON’T GET ROLLED ON YOUR ROLLOVER. You can get a lot of advice when it comes to rolling over your 401(k). But who does it benefit? Learn the ins and outs of transferring your pretax investments by clicking or scrolling through the information below. After all, your 401(k) balance may be your largest asset. How… read more

  • Frank Advice on Retirement Planning

    A RETIREMENT PLANNER’S ADVICE SHOULDN’T RETIRE WHEN YOU OPEN AN ACCOUNT. If you want a successful retirement, you need a realistic plan. At Vintage we begin our new client relationships by preparing a plan for our clients so we both know where you’re headed. But then life happens. Jobs change, goals are different, and inflation… read more

  • Roth Conversions

    TAX FREE INCOME FOR LIFE SOUNDS GREAT, BUT … Roth IRA’s differ from their Traditional cousins in that all qualified withdrawals from a Roth are free of income taxes.  On the surface, the decision to convert your retirement savings into a vehicle that could produce tax free income sounds great. The Roth Conversion Decision Estate… read more