Young people just getting started with a career typically have a hard time finding some good financial advice.  They don’t have enough money to justify spending thousands of dollars working with a good financial planner, but they do need a roadmap to get their finances off to a good start.  At Vintage, we’re happy to help out the children of our clients, but not everyone has that option.  Fortunately, we’ve found a great way to help others.

Bob Veres is one of the leading journalists in the financial planning profession and he recently wrote a short book that answers many of the questions young people have and provides some good advice on things that they should think about.  Titled, Finances for My Daughter, the book is written as a conversation between Bob and his daughter, Moriah.  He keeps it simple and the 40-page book can be read in less than an hour.

If you know a 20-something year old, the free book is a great way to help them off to a good start in life.  You can download the pdf version here.